Safety Info


Preeminent in Safety, Quality and Value, Braun Electric Company, Inc. has maintained the safety-driven vision since 1945.  A safe work environment for our employees, business partners and valued customers is our top priority.  We believe and have set measureable criteria for safely serving our customers because:

  • Every job can be done safely
  • Nothing we do is worth getting hurt
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Safety is First, Production Second

The Behavior Based Safety Management System is just one tool that Braun continues to develop as we benchmark Safe and At-Risk behavior across all field service locations.  The result of this peer-to-peer observation system is that behavior is identified and measurable data is made available to project management teams as they promote the safety culture.  This relational process coaches and rewards safe service delivery that is tangibly demonstrated in what has been described as one of the most high-risk work environments.  It is also used as we identify target areas for new best practice development.

When any member of the Braun Team is faced with unusual challenges to safety in the field, Stop Work Authority is used immediately, appropriate contact is made and the right people get involved.  Perfection may be unattainable, but the safety-driven culture, the safe operating history, the training, retraining and capability of the Braun Team produces the high level of confidence in our services that our customers realize they can expect and which we deliver consistently.

We have a set goal for safety performance to ultimately sustain a zero recordable injury rate through continuous improvement.  In 2011, Braun was awarded the National Safety Excellence Award, presented by CNA Financial Corporation (A leading commercial insurance carrier with “more than 60 years of experience insuring contractors”1) and Associated Builders & Contractors for achieving that goal.  Our Workers’ Compensation Experience Modification Rate is one of the best in the industry.  Historically our TIR has been zero or less than one.

“Safety is the foundation for Braun’s operations.  No pursuit of a dollar or finished product is worth the life of even one individual. The work performed by the company and what the clients or partners do every day is dangerous work.  Braun does not take safety lightly.  As a result, everything from vehicle operation to working in the field is detailed in specific guidelines and requirements to ensure team and client safety.  When the industry behaves with safety in mind, the probability of a catastrophic event is severely diminished and the community will benefit from it.”

– Ed Ott, President/Chief Executive Officer     Kern Business Journal, Aug./Sept. 2013  Vol. 2, No. 4

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